This is an original early-WWII Westinghouse manufactured jungle camouflage painted helmet liner. Westinghouse was tasked with providing a camouflaged and lightweight solution to the steel M1 helmet, which caused considerable noise trekking through the islands of the Pacific Theatre. In turn, Westinghouse developed a camouflage template consisting of two green tones and one rust-brown tone to be applied over the liner's standard olive drab paint via a stencil. Jungle liners are quite rare due to the fact that nearly half of all those produced were repainted solid green at the factory as it was shown to be dangerous to wear the liner without a steel helmet. This liner has non-painted steel A-washers, dating its production from late-1942 to mid-1943. The front of the liner has a significant crack, however its ability to fit in a steel shell is not impacted. The khaki suspension is torn at the rear. It comes complete with its original L & N Specialties Co. headband and Scholl Manufacturing Co. produced neckband.

WWII Westinghouse M1 Helmet Liner (Factory-Applied Jungle Camouflage)


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