Original WW2 USN D-Day Invasion Naval Beach Battalion Fixed Loop M1 Helmet & Matching Westinghouse Liner Set For Sale

WWII USN D-Day Invasion Fixed Loop M1 Helmet & Matching Westinghouse Liner Set

This is without exception a museum-worthy helmet and one of the finest examples we have ever encountered. Here, we have an original Naval Beach Battalion helmet and matching liner, as worn on Omaha Beach during the D-Day Invasion of Normandy, France. This helmet set was acquired from an employee of a New Jersey junk removal company, and if not for his family's military background, it is very likely it would have ended up in a landfill. Its wartime painted markings have been authenticated with the assistance of advanced digital microscopy and we have absolutely no reservations regarding its authenticity. The paint's micro cracking, which most forgers have yet to correctly replicate, is readily apparent under magnification. The McCord manufactured front seam fixed loop M1 helmet shell has a heat stamp of 343A, which dates its production to November 1942. Painted and etched on both the interior of the shell and the Westinghouse liner is the original owner's surname, "Wasko", further showcasing their long history together as a set. One such marking on the shell's interior looks to read "G. A. Wasko", while another marking in the liner reads "New Jersey". There was a SM1C George Wasko in the 6th Naval Beach Battalion who was on Omaha Beach during D-Day, however without knowing his middle initial or hometown we are hesitant to say with certainty this helmet belonged to him. There remains a substantial research opportunity for its new owner. To assist in that research, the prior owner believes this helmet was originally sourced in either Manalapan or Old Bridge, New Jersey. In addition to the hand-painted markings, the helmet retains its original olive drab factory finish, cork texture, and brass-buckled khaki chinstraps. The matching liner's green-painted steel A-washers date its production from mid-1943 to mid-1944. The liner's suspension is strong and intact. It comes complete with its original headband, neckband, and remnants of a leather liner strap - all of which show heavy wear.