Original WWII Paratrooper M1936 Musette Bag & Suspenders (1942) For Sale

This is an original WWII M1936 musette bag & suspender setup, commonly utilized by paratroopers and officers. Both components date to 1942. The musette bag was produced by Fox Manufacturing Co. and is ID'd to Gerald H. Wynn, serial #35625665. Wynn enlisted in the U.S. Army Air Corps in January 26, 1943 and flew 35 missions over Europe. Made available to the new owner under the Veteran's Information section are Wynn's National Archives Service Record and Obituary. The suspenders were manufactured by the S. Froehlich Co. This set is in good condition and would display quite nicely when paired with a belt.

WWII Paratrooper M1936 Musette Bag & Suspenders (1942)


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