The interior of a tank, while armored, is not always the safest place to be. Prior to the outset of the war, suitable headgear was still needed to protect American armored units from bumping their heads on the interior components of the tank and it wasn't until 1941 that the M-1938 tank helmet was patented. This original M-1938 tank helmet was produced by the Wilson Athletic Goods Mfg. Co. of Chicago, IL. It is a size 7 3/8 and fits a standard display head (not included) perfectly. The helmet's interior lining is in superb condition, with soft and pliable leather. The helmet's rear elastic straps are missing and the exterior exhibits some minor wear throughout, including surface cracking to the leather band that extends from one side of the helmet, over the top, to the other side.

WWII M-1938 Wilson Armored Tank Helmet (Size 7 3/8)


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