WWII German Waffen SS Oakleaf Camouflage Field-Made Tunic

WWII German Waffen SS Oakleaf Camouflage Field-Made Tunic

This small-sized tunic is constructed of original WWII German zeltbahn material in the oakleaf camouflage pattern. These "field-made" tunics can be difficult to authenticate as the variations are quite extensive, however all indications point to this tunic being an original example. It consists entirely of original material; the buttons are all original zinc dish buttons, apart from the interior pocket button, which appears to be made of bakelite. The creator of this tunic did not cut any corners; the scalloped pockets, reenforced collar, lining, button-fastened cuffs, etc. signify a tailor-made piece. The sleeve insiginia is an original, albeit recently-applied, BeVo "tropical" eagle recovered from Dachau, however there are indications of a prior sewn eagle patch. The zeltbahn material appears to have received the majority of its wear and use after it was turned into a tunic. The sleeve buttons are missing and it has some minor repairs, however everything is non-reactive under a blacklight.



    The items offered for sale by CIRCA1941 are genuine pieces from the second world war. All items are guaranteed authentic and, upon request, a Certificate of Authenticity will be included in the sale.

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