This original WWII German manufactured M35 double decal Waffen SS helmet set was discovered as a result of metal detecting in the area surrounding Stalingrad, Russia. The helmet appears to have received a considerable hit to the wearer's front left. The sides are adorned with original, albeit heavily disintigrated SS runes and party decal. Astonishingly, still adhered to the helmet's surface are remnants of cloth, tension springs, and a single rocker clip, signifying that it once donned a Waffen SS camouflage cover. The inside brim's size and lot number markings are, unfortunately, illegible due to rust, however given the helmet's configuration it was likely produced before the war began. The interior's leather components are quite damaged. Embedded into the crown are multiple hairs, if one can be found with a folicle intact, a DNA test may reveal their source. Even in its deteriorated state, this helmet is strong and displays quite nicely.

WWII German Relic M35 Double Decal Waffen SS Helmet Set With Camo Cover Remnants


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