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WWII German M42 Latvian Waffen SS Volunteer's Helmet & Liner Set

This original WWII German manufactured M42 helmet was acquired directly from a woman whose late husband was fortunate enough to be one of the first collectors to enter Latvia in the early-1990's, after the fall of the Soviet Union. It belonged to two different veterans of the Waffen SS - one of whom was a confirmed Latvian Legionnaire. View the Veterans' Information Section for more details regarding their service. Unfortunately, it appears the prior owner attempted to uncover non-existent decals at the helmet's sides. The paint removal does not detract much from its overall appearance, however leaving the helmet alone would have been preferred. That said, this helmet would serve as an ideal candidate for a camouflage helmet cover. The original textured field repaint has obscured the interior manufacturer's markings, but judging by the liner size of 58, we know this is a size 66 helmet. The liner retains its original drawstring, however its chinstrap is missing. Inscribed on the leather lining are the IDs of both SS men. The helmet's split pins and washers are all original and show no signs of tampering.

  • Veterans' Information

    This helmet is identified to two different veterans of the Waffen SS: (1) Raimonds Galdins and (2) W. Döhler.

    1. Raimonds Galdins was born on October 16, 1926 in Lubana, Latvia. Given Heinrich Himmler's 1943 order regarding the Baltic States, it is unknown whether Galdins volunteered or was conscripted into the Waffen SS. He eventually attained the rank of Unterscharführer. Inscribed on the leather liner beneath his name is the feldpost number of 34400, which indicates he was a member of the 15th Waffen Grenadier Division of the SS Latvian Legion. Unterscharführer Galdins was wounded while defending the Pomeranian Wall. He was evacuated to a field hospital, Sanitätskompanie 21 (L.) Hauptverbandplätze, in Waski, Poland, where he died of his wounds on December 17, 1944. He is currently laid to rest in the war cemetary in Dzukste, Latvia. Made available to the new owner, below, are Galdins records.
    2. Also marked on the helmet's liner is the ID of Oberscharführer W. Döhler. Döhler's records were not able to be found in the Volksbund Grave Registry, which indicates he potentially survived the war.


The items offered for sale by CIRCA1941 are genuine pieces from the second world war. All items are guaranteed authentic and, upon request, a Certificate of Authenticity will be included in the sale.

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