WWII 82nd Airborne, 504th PIR, M1-C Paratrooper Helmet Shell (November 1944)

WWII 82nd Airborne, 504th PIR, M1-C Paratrooper Helmet Shell (November 1944)

This original WWII 82nd Airborne, 504th PIR painted M1-C helmet was very likely worn by a returning paratrooper in the 1946 Victory Parade in New York City. The wartime painted markings have been authenticated with the assistance of advanced digital microscopy. The previously undetectable micro cracking, which most forgers have yet to correctly replicate, is readily apparent under magnification. The silver painted captain's bars and M.P. markings were most likely applied post-war by the veteran's child. The McCord manufactured helmet exhibits a manganese steel rim meeting at the rear. The heat stamp of 1196D dates the helmet's production to November 1944. In addition to the painted markings, it retains its original factory paint finish, cork texture, and heavily-frayed OD#7 para strap. Unfortunately, the helmet is missing its longer strap and the swivel loops are rusty and seized up. This M1-C helmet shell would pair quite nicely with a Westinghouse paratrooper liner.



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