WWII 45th I.D. Anzio Medic's Fixed Loop M1 Helmet, Liner, & Canteen Grouping

WWII 45th I.D. Anzio Medic's Fixed Loop M1 Helmet, Liner, & Canteen Grouping

This early-WWII helmet, liner, and canteen are all ID'd to Medic and 45th Infantry Division veteran, Pfc. Murray Frederick Ladd, serial number 31079468. View the Veteran's Information section for more details regarding Pfc. Ladd's service in the Mediterranean Theatre of Operations. The McCord manufactured fixed loop helmet shell's partially legible heat stamp of 9_D is too incomplete to narrow down a production date on its own, however the early style fixed loops indicate that the helmet was manufactured sometime between mid-1941 and mid-1942. The front of the helmet showcases two separate applications of the veteran's initials, "MFL." In addition to the I.D., the helmet retains its original field repaint, cork texture, and make-shift shoestring chinstrap. The Firestone manufactured helmet liner features non-painted steel A-washers, which date the liner's production from late-1942 to mid-1943. The khaki suspension is fraying towards the front. It comes complete with its original headband, neckband, and damaged leather liner strap. Interestingly, Pfc. Ladd repurposed a cut-down rayon headband to serve as his neckband. The liner's original factory finish is in good condition.

  • Veteran's Information

    Revere, Massachusetts resident, Pfc. Murray Frederick Ladd, serial number 31079468, enlisted in the United States Army on June 30, 1942. Pfc. Ladd served as a medic in the 45th Infantry Division, 120th Medical Battalion, Headquarters Clearing Co. up until May 22, 1945. According to original wartime records and his personalized canteen, Pfc. Ladd fought in North Africa, Sicily, Salerno, Venafro, Anzio, and Naples. He likely etched his canteen sometime in 1944 due to the inclusion of his wife's name, Hazel, whom he married on August 12, 1944. The new owner will receive 32 files, extensively detailing Pfc. Ladd's military service record (available below).



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