This listing is for a single original WWII rayon headband, however plenty are available. These headbands all show signs of use and are a much better match for soiled liner suspensions than the mint condition headbands sold elsewhere. Two variations are available: nickel plated brass snaps or blackened brass snaps. In order to prevent additional stress on old liner suspensions, each headband will be a size 7 or larger. Some headbands may be marked with Johnson & Johnson manufacturer stamps, names, or serial numbers. Size, condition, and marking accommodations will not be considered. Due to their fragility, it is not recommend to wear these or remove them once installed; these are sold as display pieces only. These would be ideal headbands for all liners with rayon suspensions as well as transitional Inlands and St. Clairs.

Early-WWII M1 Helmet Liner Rayon Hawley Headband (Used)


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