This original U.S. WWII Westinghouse manufactured paratrooper helmet liner saw use in the 1950's by the 508th Airborne Regimental Combat Team "Red Devils." The interior is ID'd to Korean War veteran, Walter A. Brozek, serial number 55238999. View the Veteran's Information Section to see Brozek's obituary. The liner features original factory installed A-yokes with large cast buckles. The A-washers are blackened brass, which dates the liner's production from mid-1944 to 1945. The khaki suspension is intact, however its original headband has unfortunately torn near the buckle. This liner would display quite nicely when completed with a web chincup and M1-C helmet shell.

WWII Westinghouse Paratrooper M1-C Helmet Liner (508th Airborne RCT)


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