Signifying their long history together, both the steel shell and liner of this WWII paratrooper helmet set exhibit the name and serial number of its prior owner and Korean War veteran, Raymond Edward Ratliff, serial #RA24589900. Ratliff was born on March 7, 1932 in Jefferson County, Alabama. He was a member of Tarrant High School's Class of 1950, of which a yearbook photo is made available to the new owner. The McCord manufactured swivel loop M1-C helmet shell's heat stamp of 1196D dates its production to November, 1944. It features its original field repaint, cork texture, and tattered remnants of OD#7 chinstraps. The Westinghouse manufactured helmet liner retains its original factory installed A-yokes with large cast buckles and brass A-washers, dating the liner's production from mid-1944 to 1945. The liner's khaki suspension is heavily damaged. Showcasing his admiration for his home state, Ratliff affixed a Confederate flag decal along with hand-painting "Alabama" across the liner's front. 

WWII M1-C Paratrooper Helmet & Westinghouse Airborne Liner (ID'd Set)


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