Original WW2 German Waffen SS Frontkjemper Badge (.935 Silver) For Sale

WWII German Waffen SS Frontkjemper Badge (.935 Silver)

This is an original WWII German Waffen SS Frontkjemper (Front Fighter) badge, made of .935 silver. These were first introduced by Vidkun Quisling in October of 1943, and were awarded mainly to Norwegian members of the Waffen SS who exhibited bravery on the Eastern Front from 1941-1945. This award came in two silver purities: .830 and this example, the much less common .935. Towards war's end, and perhaps in the immediate aftermath of the war, a zinc model was introduced, which is believed to have served as a replacement for those veterans who had lost their original silver awards. This badge is in good, used condition. The reverse retains its original catch and pin.