This original WWII German Eisenhüttenwerke, Thale manufactured M38 fallschirmjäger helmet was discovered as a result of metal detecting between the Kursk and Voronezh regions. A local gentleman uncovered five bodies that had been stripped and executed with fallschirmjäger equipment nearby. Unlike most relic fallschirmjäger helmets, there remains quite a few characteristics ensuring the helmet's authenticity; such as the distinctive 'dip' at the front of the helmet and the crimped rim resulting from the manufacturing process. Astonishingly, much of the helmet's interior components are present, including the Buna-S rubber dome pad. A section of the helmet's interior even retains a significant amount of the helmet's original factory paint finish. The inside brim's size and lot number markings are, unfortunately, illegible due to rust, however given the helmet's status as a single decal example with spanner bolts and an aluminum liner band, production can roughly be estimated to mid-1940. The rear of the helmet showcases remnants of fabric stuck to its surface, signifying that it once donned a cloth camouflage cover. Even in its deteriorated state, the helmet is strong and displays quite nicely.

WWII German Relic M38 Single Decal Fallschirmjäger Helmet Set


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