WWII German M40 Waffen SS Single Decal Helmet Grouping (Q64)

WWII German M40 Waffen SS Single Decal Helmet Grouping (Q64)

This is an original and complete WWII German single decal Waffen SS M40 helmet, machine gun ammo belt, and document grouping. These items were brought back from the war by U.S. sailor and Radioman 3rd Class (RM3c) Everett T. Corcoran, serial number 850 73 49. Both the helmet and ammo belt are described within the two-page document, in which Corcoran was required to disclose all items of enemy origin prior to boarding LST 508. Unfortunately, the items described on the second page are no longer believed to exist. View the Veteran's Information section for more details regarding Corcoran's military service. The helmet is in combat-used condition. The original feldgrau finish shows minor surface rust throughout and much of the Q SS decal has been scraped away - likely done after November 1, 1943, coinciding with the order from German high command, directing the omission of SS decals from all helmets. The helmet's inside brim is size stamped Q64, with an apparent lot number of DN 194, denoting 1942 production by the Quist, Esslingen factory. The stampings correspond with a confirmed Waffen SS helmet recorded in Brian Ice's research on German helmet lot numbers. Inscribed just next to the lot number are the original veteran's initials, "K.R." The helmet's interior retains its original pigskin leather liner and Rahm & Kampmann, Wuppertal manufactured chinstrap. The helmet's split pins and washers are all original and show no signs of tampering. Like all of our offerings, this helmet is guaranteed genuine and, upon request, a Certificate of Authenticity will be included in the sale.



The items offered for sale by CIRCA1941 are genuine pieces from the second world war. All items are guaranteed authentic and, upon request, a Certificate of Authenticity will be included in the sale.

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