Original WW2 German M40 Camouflaged Single "Decal" Kriegsmarine Helmet & Liner Set (EF64) For Sale

WWII German M40 Camouflaged Single "Decal" Kriegsmarine Helmet Set (EF64)

This original WWII German M40 Kriegsmarine helmet is exceptionally unique. It was painted inside and out, first in a whitewash, then followed by a battleship-grey camouflage finish, which likely covered its factory-applied decal. In its place, the veteran intricately hand painted the insignia of the Kriegsmarine. The wartime painted marking has been authenticated with the assistance of advanced digital microscopy. The paint's micro cracking, which most forgers have yet to correctly replicate, is readily apparent under magnification. Beneath the inside brim's camouflage paint is an EF64 size stamp and a partially legible lot number, which appears to read 23296. Its stampings denote 1941 production by the Emaillierwerke A.G., Fulda factory. It comes complete with its original size 56 leather liner, drawstring, and aluminum-buckled leather chinstrap - all of which exhibit heavy use and damage. The split pins and washers are all original and show no signs of tampering. Lastly, the front of the helmet is penciled with a surname of Dutch origin, "Voorhees". Perhaps this helmet was used by a Dutch volunteer in a coastal artillery position in the Netherlands.



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