This is an original WWII German manufactured M35 Normandy camouflage painted Heer helmet set. When the helmet was originally acquired, its vent holes were riveted shut and its interior exhibited U.S. G.I. components. It has since undergone an extensive restoration utilizing all original German components from the same timeframe as the helmet shell. The helmet's inside brim is size stamped SE66 along with the lot number 3210, denoting early-1937 production by the Sachsische Emaillerwerk, Lauter factory. The original owner was a member of the Heer, 5th Kompanie, 22 Jnfanterie Regiment. The exterior showcases its original two-color Normandy camouflage paint scheme. The interior exhibits an original 1938-dated, size 58 Max Densow manufactured liner. The chinstrap's manufacturer and date stamping is faint, however the aluminum buckle signifies early-war production. The helmet's split pins and washers are of original German WWII production and have never been installed in a previous helmet; they still retain their original factory paint finish.

WWII German M35 Heer Normandy Camo Painted Helmet Set (SE66)


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