This is an original WWII German manufactured M35 single decal Heer helmet set. The helmet's inside brim is size stamped SE62 along with the lot number 4735, denoting mid-1940 production by the Sachsische Emaillerwerk, Lauter factory. The helmet retains its original textured feldgrau paint finish. The wearer's left side features the remnants of an original Heer decal, which may have been removed around August 28, 1943, coinciding with the order from German high command, directing the omission of decals from all helmets. The helmet's split pins are quite unique; they are the domed variety often encountered on WWI and inter-war helmets. The interior retains its original leather liner with the early reinforced aluminum band. The leather is faintly marked with two inscriptions. One of the markings remains illegible, however after some photo editing the helmet is believed to be named to an F. Steidle.

WWII German M35 Former Single Decal Heer Helmet, Named Set (SE62)


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