WWII German M35 Beaded Luftschutz Helmet Shell (EF64)

WWII German M35 Beaded Luftschutz Helmet Shell (EF64)

This original WWII German manufactured M35 beaded Luftschutz helmet shell would serve as the ideal restoration project for someone with the missing components. There are two schools of thought regarding beaded helmets; some collectors believe that when a helmet was rejected for combat use it underwent a process where a ridge or "bead" was pressed into the helmet's diameter in order to quickly differentiate it from combat-approved helmets, these beaded examples were then issued to civil defense units, in this situation, the Luftschutz. Others infer that these helmets were designed with the bead in mind prior to the pressing as they are of a lighter weight steel and metallurgical tests seem to indicate that the bead was pressed during the initial forming of the helmet and not at a later time upon finding a defect in the steel. The helmet's inside brim is size stamped EF64 lot number 215__, denoting mid-1939 production by the Emaillierwerke A.G., Fulda factory. In addition to its original Luftschutz decal, the helmet showcases its original blue paint finish, with light rust pitting throughout. The helmet retains one of its original split pins and washers.



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