Original WW2 German Dienstglas 10x50 Carl Zeiss Binoculars With Leather Case For Sale

WWII German Dienstglas 10x50 Carl Zeiss Binoculars With Leather Case

This is an original pair of WWII German dienstglas 10x50 binoculars. The "blc" factory code denotes production by Carl Zeiss in Jena, Germany. Their serial number of 1345 indicates 1943 production. The small blue "+" located to the right of the factory code means these were capable of withstanding temperatures from (+) down to -40°C. Unfortunately, just above the factory markings is the engraved Social Security number of their former owner (it was once popular to mark possessions with SSNs in case they were lost or stolen). These binoculars are in good, used condition, with quite clear optics given their age. They come complete with their original bakelite lense cover, leather neck strap, and case. The leather case bears a "cny43" factory code indicating 1943 production by C. Pose, who utilized metal hardware stamped "frn42". Unfortunately, the case's carrying strap, the neck strap, and lense cover retaining strap are all torn.



    The items offered for sale by CIRCA1941 are genuine pieces from the second world war. All items are guaranteed authentic and, upon request, a Certificate of Authenticity will be included in the sale.