Original Early-WWII Fixed Loop McCord M1 Helmet Shell (Mid-1941) For Sale

WWII U.S. Fixed Loop McCord M1 Helmet Shell (Mid-1941)

This is an original and exceptionally early WWII U.S. McCord manufactured fixed loop M1 helmet shell. It features the early style fixed loops and cast-brass chinstrap buckle, carried over from the M1917A1 helmet. Even though there appears to be only one clearly visible digit in the heat stamp (a "4"), the digits that are obscured are ones that follow the "4", so we know this helmet's heat stamp is in the 40-range. This, in combination with the early characteristics, date the helmet's production to mid-1941. The helmet's early style fixed loops are strong and intact, however there are some stress cracks throughout. This helmet would pair quite nicely with a first pattern Hawley, St. Clair, or even an experimental liner.