This is an original and exceptionally early-WWII U.S. McCord manufactured fixed loop M1 helmet shell. The heat stamp of 51D 2 dates the helmet's production to mid-1941 - months before the United States entered the war. While still a relatively low heat stamp, this stamping is likely the highest of the 1941-format, with the additional number suffix soon to be eliminated. It retains its original factory paint, cork texture, and khaki chinstraps. The chinstraps feature the early cast-brass buckle, carried over from the M1917A1 helmet. Stenciled at the rear of the helmet in a Navy/USMC manner are the initials and surname of its original owner, "D. C. Ross." The helmet's early style fixed loops are strong and intact. This helmet would pair quite nicely with a first pattern Hawley or St. Clair liner.

WWII Fixed Loop McCord M1 Helmet Shell (Mid-1941)


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