WWII Fixed Loop M1 Helmet & St. Clair Liner (Captain's Set)

WWII Fixed Loop M1 Helmet & St. Clair Liner (Captain's Set)

This original, untouched early-WWII Captain's M1 helmet set showcases an excellent ETO appearance. The helmet's Captain's bars are of wartime application, with authentic micro-cracking readily apparent. The McCord manufactured steel shell's heat stamp has become somewhat illegible due to rust, however given its early style fixed loops, production can be estimated to be from late-1941 to early-1942. In addition to rust, the helmet features stress cracks and dents throughout. Unfortunately, the chinstraps are missing, however replacements are availble if the new owner wishes to complete the helmet. The original early-WWII St. Clair manufactured low pressure M1 helmet liner exhibits non-painted steel A-washers, folded ends on the neck support, and a transitional khaki suspension, dating the liner's production to late-1942. The transitional suspension is tearing towards the front washers. Interestingly, the Captain opted to utilize a standard Jos. N. Eisendrath Co. manufactured headband as opposed to a rayon headband, for which the liner was originally designed. The liner also comes complete with its original neckband. The rear of the liner exhibits a large crack, which does not impact its ability to fit in the steel shell. 



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