WWII Fixed Loop M1 Helmet & Rayon Hawley Liner (1941 Set)

WWII Fixed Loop M1 Helmet & Rayon Hawley Liner (1941 Set)

This original early-WWII M1 helmet is inscribed with the veteran's laundry number "O-7607" on both the shell and the liner, signifying their long history together as a set. The helmet was sourced from Buda, Texas, a town approximately 200 miles from a possible ID match; view the Veteran Information section for more details. The McCord manufactured fixed loop helmet shell's considerably early heat stamp of 48C 3 dates its production to late-1941. It features its original factory paint, cork texture, and khaki chinstraps. The chinstraps exhibit the early cast-brass buckle, carried over from the M1917A1 helmet. The helmet's early style fixed loops remain strong and intact. There is a stress crack at the wearer's back right. The Hawley manufactured helmet liner showcases exceptionally rare brass rectangular washers, a first pattern rayon suspension, and a wonderfully intact stationary leather liner strap, dating the liner's production to mid-1941. The rayon suspension has unfortunately pulled away from two of the front headband snaps. The liner comes complete with its original Johnson & Johnson manufactured rayon headband and neckband. Like the steel shell, the liner is cracked, with most wear concentrated around the brim.

  • Veteran Information

    A possible match, Harris E. Owen, serial number 18007607, enlisted in Dallas, Texas on November 27, 1940, 200 miles away from the helmet's prior location. With just a laundry number and town, positive identification of the veteran is inconclusive, but this helmet set is consistent with what a pre-war enlistee like Owen would have received.



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