This original WWII U.S. helmet set is named to a veteran from Boston, Massachusetts, William "Bill" L. White, Serial Number 31296478. View the additional information in the upper right for details regarding the veteran's service. The McCord manufactured front seam fixed loop helmet shell's heat stamp of 356B dates the helmet's production to November 1942. It retains its original field repaint, cork texture, and khaki chinstraps. The Firestone manufactured helmet liner features blackened brass A-washers, dating the liner's production from mid-1944 to 1945. The liner comes complete with a recently installed neckband and headband. The liner's torn khaki suspension exhibits three repairs. The liner's exterior showcases a very unique, hand-painted cartoon depicting an arrow striking Prime Minister Hideki Tojo in the backside, technical sergeant rank, 98th Infantry Division and XIII Corps insignia.

WWII Fixed Loop M1 Helmet, ID'd Set (Wartime Art)

  • William L. White, Serial Number 31296478, enlisted in the 98th "Iroquois" Division in Boston, Massachusetts on February 10, 1943. The 98th Division consisted of men from the New York and New England regions. The division was shipped out to Oahu, Hawaii where it underwent extensive training for Operation Olympic, the planned invasion of the Japanese mainland. Instead, the 98th Division arrived in Japan on September 27, 1945 for occupational duties in Osaka, Japan, which is most likely where the helmet liner received its illustration celebrating the victory over Prime Minister Tojo.

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