This original untouched WWII U.S. helmet set is named to an Airman from Texas, James R. Meyer, Serial Number 18118031. View the additional information in the upper right for details regarding the veteran's service. The McCord manufactured front seam fixed loop helmet shell has a heat stamp of 43C, dating the helmet's production to January 1942. It retains its original paint, cork texture, and khaki chinstraps. The low pressure St. Clair manufactured helmet liner features non-painted steel rectangular washers, remnants of a stationary leather liner strap, and a first pattern rayon suspension, dating the liner's production to mid-1942. The liner comes complete with its original rayon neckband, ID'd headband, and improvised screwback Lt. Colonel's insignia. The liner's neck support has torn and the headband's leather has become dry.

WWII Fixed Loop Helmet & St. Clair Liner, POW ID'd

  • James R. Meyer, Serial Number 18118031, enlisted in the Air Corps in Houston, Texas on September 4, 1942. He served as a B-24 nose turret gunner in the 8th Air Force, 2nd Bombardment Division, 445th Bomb Group (along with Jimmy Stewart), 700th Bomb Squadron. He had flown 33 missions when his plane, B-24 #4251223, was shot down over Munster, Germany on March 23, 1945. The majority of his crew was killed in action, however he and two others made it out of the plane, were captured, and placed in a P.O.W. camp until war's end. The purchaser will receive the following files:

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