This is an original WWII 11th Airborne Ike jacket. All components are authentic, however the jump wings were recently added in order to complete the jacket. This size 36R jacket was manufactured by the Fruhauf Southwest Uniform Co. on December 19, 1944. While the jacket is not named, it can be discerned that the paratrooper who wore it served in the Pacific Theatre of Operations, rose to the rank of Technician Fourth Grade, most likely enlisted too close to the end of the war to be assigned to a Parachute Infantry Regiment, and at one point removed a Presidential Unit Citation from above his right pocket. The jacket, with its intricate cross stitching, appears to have been altered by a tailor, possibly during the occupation of Japan. The sterling marked clutchback parachutist badge is consistent with the uniform's late war time frame. The badge was able to be aligned on the oval using the holes left by the original pin. The camouflage parachute scarf is not included.

WWII 11th Airborne Ike Jacket, Pacific Paratrooper


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