This is an original early-WWII Hawley manufactured helmet liner. The front exhibits an original red painted circle. I cannot confirm the connection, however the marking is consistent with that of the Red Ball Express, a famed truck convoy system in charge of supplying Allied forces advancing through Europe, following the D-Day invasion of Normandy, France. The liner's interior is named to a W. Maulsey. A partially legible laundry number confirms the last three digits of Maulsey's serial number to be 431. These inscriptions may offer some insight as to whether the original owner was a member of the Red Ball Express. The liner features non-painted steel A-washers and folded ends on the neck support, dating its production to mid-1942. Even though the liner's fiber material is heavily damaged, the khaki suspension is strong and intact. It comes complete with its original headband and a recently installed khaki neckband. The liner still fits inside a helmet shell without issue. Due to its fragile nature, it might be best to display it protected inside a steel helmet.

Possible Red Ball Express Painted WWII Hawley M1 Helmet Liner (With Accessories)


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