This original U.S. WWII helmet set is in good, field-used condition. The Schlueter manufactured front seam swivel loop helmet shell has an unusual heat stamp of 223A2. If you're familiar with our chart, you know this is one of a small number of helmets produced after November 1943 during the transition from fixed loops to swivel loops. It retains its original olive drab factory paint, cork texture, OD#3 chinstraps, and net. This "shrimp" style of net was commonly seen throughout the European Theater, beginning in the fall of 1944. The straps exhibit brass hardware. The Westinghouse manufactured helmet liner features green-painted steel A-washers, dating its production from mid-1943 to mid-1944. The liner comes complete with an original headband, neckband, and blackened brass buckled leather liner strap. The liner exhibits an original field repaint.

Mid-WWII Swivel Loop Schlueter M1 Helmet & Westinghouse Liner (1944 Set)


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