This original U.S. WWII helmet set must've belonged to quite the character, given the helmet's personalizations. The McCord manufactured front seam swivel loop helmet shell's heat stamp of 1071E and transitional manganese rim date its production to November 1944. It retains its original factory paint, cork texture, and khaki chinstraps. The straps exhibit a flat brass buckle and paint residue. The helmet's interior has a swastika etched into the dome. The Firestone manufactured helmet liner features non-painted steel A-washers, dating its production from late-1942 to mid-1943. The liner comes complete with its original Enger-Kress manufactured headband, Bates Shoe Co. manufactured neckband, and a field-improvised wire drawstring. The liner's exterior showcases its original factory olive drab paint and numerous soldier-written anecdotes. There are a couple small holes in the liner, corresponding with dents in the steel shell.

WWII M1 Helmet & Firestone Liner Personalized Set


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