With supply shortages making the M2 "D-bail" unavailable to thousands of paratroopers, this exact configuration saw extensive use before stock could catch up. The McCord manufactured fixed loop M1 helmet shell is in excellent condition. The heat stamp of 575A dates the helmet's production to July 1943. It retains its original factory paint, cork texture, and khaki chinstrap. The chinstrap features a brass buckle in the "raised bar" variety. The helmet's fixed loops are strong and intact. There are no stress cracks, however the helmet does have some slight indentations at the top. The original WWII U.S. manufactured 2 inch camouflage helmet net adds a unique MTO appearance. The helmet has recently been paired with an original Westinghouse manufactured paratrooper liner. Its factory installed A-yokes have been cut, however remnants are still visible beneath the green painted steel A-washers, which date the liner's production from late-1943 to mid-1944. When paratroopers hit the ground, they often cut their A-yokes to prevent the buckles from bouncing against their cheeks. The wartime photo shows a paratrooper with a similar setup - a netted fixed loop infantry M1 shell, but instead of being paired with a Westinghouse paratrooper liner, it has a St. Clair paratrooper liner (also with missing A-yokes). The liner's khaki suspension is strong and intact. It comes complete with an original Joseph N. Eisendrath Co. manufactured headband and an Am. Stay Co. manufactured neckband. Like the helmet itself, all of the accessories date to 1943. The liner's original olive drab factory finish is in good condition.

Mid-WWII Fixed Loop Paratrooper M1 Helmet & Westinghouse Jump Liner (1943 Set)


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