Late-WWII Westinghouse Airborne Paratrooper M1-C Helmet Liner (504th PIR)

Late-WWII Westinghouse Airborne Paratrooper M1-C Helmet Liner (504th PIR)

This original U.S. WWII Westinghouse manufactured paratrooper liner would make for an excellent research opportunity. Atop the liner's original olive drab factory finish are hand-painted jump wings and an etched "504", while the back of the liner is named to an apparent "Ruy, R." It features original factory installed A-yokes with large cast buckles. The A-washers are blackened brass, which date the liner's production from mid-1944 to 1945. The khaki suspension is torn throughout; it's stamped with the laundry number, "R-4513", however there do not appear to be any matches in the database, meaning it's possible the original owner was either an officer or his records were lost during the 1973 National Archives fire. It retains its original headband, neckband, and leather liner strap - all of which show heavy use and damage.



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