This original United States Marine Corps M1 helmet set consists entirely of WWII manufactured components, however the presence of an Eagle Globe & Anchor stamped on the camouflage cover denotes use in the Korean War. The original WWII manufactured camouflage cover is often referred to as a first pattern variation, without foliage slits; however, it is actually the third pattern created, often seen during the fighting on Iwo Jima. It exhibits the distinctive double-chain center stitching and zig-zag border stitching on the beach side. There is an EGA stamped on both sides of the cover. The McCord manufactured swivel loop rear seam M1 helmet shell's heat stamp of 999B dates its production to August 1944. The helmet retains its original factory paint, cork texture, and khaki chinstraps. The Westinghouse manufactured helmet liner features blackened brass A-washers, dating its production from mid-1944 to 1945. The original owner's name, "C. C. Appel", is painted in the interior of the liner. The khaki suspension is strong and intact. It comes complete with its original Bates Shoe Co. manufactured neckband, brass-buckled United Carr stamped leather liner strap, and a recently installed Scholl Manufacturing Co. headband. The liner exhibits two extra drill holes - one at the front and the other at the rear.

Korean War USMC Swivel Loop M1 Helmet & Westinghouse Liner Set (WWII Parts)


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