This original untouched WWII U.S.M.C. helmet set is named to Sergeant Gordon W. Meyer, 281838. View the additional information in the upper right for details regarding Sgt. Meyer's service. The McCord manufactured front seam fixed loop helmet shell's heat stamp is concealed by its rusty interior. It retains its original paint, cork texture, and khaki chinstraps. The front of the helmet exhibits a black painted inverted E.G.A. The low pressure St. Clair manufactured helmet liner features non-painted steel rectangular washers, remnants of a stationary leather liner strap, and a first pattern rayon suspension, which dates its production to mid-1942. There is a heavily verdigris'd screw-back E.G.A. affixed to the front of the liner. The top of the liner is stenciled 'G.W. Meyer, Ridgefield NJ'.

ID'd WWII USMC Helmet & St. Clair Liner Set

  • Sergeant Meyer enlisted in Chicago, IL on January 25, 1940. He served in the 6th Marines, and was stationed at the Marine Corps base in Iceland prior to transferring to the Pacific at the outbreak of the war. He rose to the rank of platoon sergeant before being busted back down to sergeant after cussing out an officer. He earned the Bronze Star for valor on Guam, where he was wounded in action on July 26, 1944 (shell fragment to the chest). Meyer was honorably discharged on January 21, 1946. The new owner of this helmet set will receive 75 pages detailing Sergeant Meyer's service.

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