This original early-WWII M1 helmet set is ID'd to Lieutenant Stephen F. Nesha, serial number 32671999. View the additional information in the upper right for details regarding the veteran's service. The McCord manufactured front seam fixed loop helmet shell has a heat stamp of 255C, dating the helmet's production to August, 1942. It retains its original factory paint, cork texture, and brass-buckled, field-repaired khaki chinstraps. The helmet shell's exterior exhibits burn damage and the shell's interior is marked with Lt. Nesha's ID, inscribed on medical tape. The helmet's low pressure St. Clair manufactured liner features the quite rare primary embossed "SC" marking, an early green painted interior, steel rectangular washers, a first pattern Johnson & Johnson manufactured rayon suspension, and remnants of a stationary leather liner strap. These characteristics date the liner's production from April to May 1942; these two months were the only time in which liners with green painted interiors were being produced, making this an exceptionally rare item. It comes complete with its original rayon Johnson & Johnson manufactured neckband and a recently installed size 7 1/4 rayon headband. The liner's exterior showcases its original smooth flat olive drab factory paint.

ID'd WWII Fixed Loop M1 Helmet & St. Clair Liner Set (Green Painted Interior)

  • Lieutenant Stephen F. Nesha, serial number 32671999, enlisted in Buffalo, New York on December 7, 1942. Lieutenant Nesha graduated as a member of class 26 from the Medical Administrative Corps (MAC) Officer Candidate School (OCS) at Camp Barkeley, Texas in November 1943. In addition to a copy of the MAC-OCS graduation photograph of the veteran, the purchaser will receive the following files:

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