This is an original early-WWII U.S.N. corpsman's helmet. The wartime painted markings have been authenticated with the assistance of advanced digital microscopy. The paint's micro cracking, which most forgers have yet to correctly replicate, is readily apparent under magnification. The McCord manufactured fixed loop helmet shell's heat stamp of 246C dates its production to August 1942. In addition to the helmet's original medical marking, it showcases a battleship gray-blue repaint, cork texture, and brass-buckled khaki chinstraps. The helmet has recently been paired with an original Hawley liner. The liner features non-painted aluminum rectangular washers, a first pattern rayon suspension, and a stationary leather liner strap, dating the liner's production from mid-1941 to mid-1942. The liner's rayon suspension is strong and intact. It comes complete with its original rayon headband and neckband. The liner strap's leather is nearly torn all the way through and no guarantees can be made that it will withstand shipment, however special care will be taken in its packaging.

Early-WWII U.S.N. Corpsman's Painted Fixed Loop M1 Helmet & Hawley Liner Set


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