This is an original early-WWII U.S. low pressure St. Clair manufactured M1 helmet liner. It features a rare green painted interior, steel rectangular washers, a first pattern rayon suspension, and its stationary leather liner strap still intact. These characteristics date the liner's production from April to May 1942; these two months were the only time in which liners with green painted interiors were being produced, making this an exceptionally rare item. It has recently been outfitted with an original rayon headband and a Johnson & Johnson manufactured neckband. The headband is a size 7 1/8 and the neckband is a size 3, marked with the laundry number S-4192. Both accessories match the liner's suspension very well. The liner's exterior exhibits its original early-war flat olive drab factory finish.

Early-WWII St. Clair Helmet Liner, Green Interior


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