Early-WWII McCord M1917A1 Helmet (ID'd, 1941 Set)

Early-WWII McCord M1917A1 Helmet (ID'd, 1941 Set)

This original M1917A1 helmet is ID'd to a veteran of K Company, 168th Infantry Regiment, 34th Infantry Division, Private Philip A. Thomas, serial number 35036837. View the Veteran's Information section for more details regarding Pvt. Thomas's brief service in Northern Ireland. This helmet was produced by McCord Radiator & Manufacturing Co. prior to the United States' involvement in WWII. On November 27, 1940, McCord received a contract to manufacture the M1917A1 helmet. These helmets had heat stamps ranging from 1_ to 24_. This example, with a heat stamp of 24B, dates to May 1941 and is one of the last helmets to be manufactured before production shifted to the M1 helmet. The helmet's exterior retains its original olive drab factory paint and cork texture. The interior features its original leather liner and khaki chinstrap. The chinstrap exhibits the early cast-brass buckle and box stitching. Unfortunately, the original leather crown pad and drawstring are missing. The M1917A1 was also seen atop the heads of Marines fighting on Wake Island, Bataan, and even during the early days of Guadalcanal. If you've ever wanted an M1917A1, you would be hard-pressed to find a more desirable example.

  • Veteran's Information

    Pickaway, Ohio resident, Private Philip A. Thomas, serial number 35036837, was a veteran of K Company, 168th Infantry Regiment, 34th Infantry Division. He enlisted on October 22, 1941 at Fort Hayes in Columbus, Ohio. In June 1942, Pvt. Thomas was stationed in Killadeas, Northern Ireland. He returned to the United States to undergo treatment for chronic ulcers at Tilton General Hospital in Fort Dix, New Jersey, where he was honorably discharged in August 1942. Made available to the new owner are Pvt. Thomas's enlistment and discharge records.



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