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Original Early-WW2 M1 Helmet Liner Rayon Hawley Neckband (Cut from Headband) For Sale

Early-WWII U.S. M1 Helmet Liner Rayon Hawley Neckband (Cut from Headband)

This appears to be an original early-WWII rayon neckband, however technically it is not. This is a portion of an original rayon headband that was cutdown and utilized as a neckband. This was recovered from a helmet liner and there are clear indications that a standard headband's spring clips were attached to it, which all points to this being a wartime modification. Original rayon neckbands were manufactured in three different sizes during the war: 3, 4, and 5. This example is shown alongside a confirmed size 5 (not included) and it is noticeably larger, which further confirms the cutdown theory. It features blackened brass United Carr snaps. This would be an ideal neckband for all helmet liners with rayon suspensions - including Hawleys.