Camouflaged Pre-WWII Converted M1917A1 Helmet (WWI-Era Shell)

Camouflaged Pre-WWII Converted M1917A1 Helmet (WWI-Era Shell)

This is an original WWI U.S. manufactured M1917 helmet that was converted to an M1917A1 by the United States government during a reconditioning process that first began in 1936, prior to McCord's new production line of 1941 manufactured M1917A1 helmets. The helmet's exterior features original olive drab paint, cork texture, and a very unique brown-splotch camouflage pattern. The wartime painted camouflage has been authenticated with the assistance of advanced digital microscopy. The previously undetectable micro cracking, which most forgers have yet to correctly replicate, is readily apparent under magnification. The helmet's interior brim is marked "YJ 169", denoting U.S. WWI production. It retains its original leather liner and khaki chinstrap. The chinstrap exhibits the early cast brass buckle and box stitching, while the liner retains its original leather drawstring and crown pad. The M1917A1 was seen atop the heads of Marines fighting on Wake Island, Bataan, and even during the early days of Guadalcanal.



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