3rd Infantry Division Painted Mid-WWII Helmet & Liner Set

3rd Infantry Division Painted Mid-WWII Helmet & Liner Set

This is an original 3rd Infantry Division painted WWII helmet set. The original markings were applied using a spray gun, denoting late-war or possibly even occupation-era use. There is an excellent 1945 dated photo of a 3rd Infantry Division soldier painting helmets in Berchtesgaden using a similar technique. The painted markings have been authenticated with the assistance of advanced digital microscopy. The previously undetectable micro cracking, which most forgers have yet to correctly replicate, becomes apparent under magnification. The Schlueter manufactured front seam swivel loop helmet shell's heat stamp of 3_2A dates its production to October 1944. In addition to the painted markings it retains its original olive drab factory finish, cork texture, and OD#7 chinstraps. The shorter strap is heavily frayed, but remains intact. The Westinghouse manufactured helmet liner retains its original factory paint. It features green painted steel A-washers and folded ends on the neck support, dating the liner's production to mid-1943. The liner comes complete with its original headband and neckband.



    The items offered for sale by CIRCA1941 are genuine pieces from the second world war. All items are guaranteed authentic and, upon request, a Certificate of Authenticity will be included in the sale.

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